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Launch Day!

Launch Day!

Because who doesn’t love an April Fool’s Day post that is not a joke!?

The walls that isolate knowledge are becoming irrelevant.

A group of us decided that knowledge is meant to be shared and wanted to start a Blog. We, possibly naively, believe we can maintain this endeavor and even expand on it!

It was gravely important to launch today because one of us has a sense of humor that finds it hysterical and the other just rolls with it.

The main contributors will be the 2 named people in the About Us section (for now).

The Goals:

  • To share knowledge in all things BIM

    • How Tos

    • Workflows

    • Overviews

  • Talk openly about BIM problems and BIM successes

    • Advice

    • Personal Preference

  • Discuss industry trends in multiple disciplines and countries

  • Lay out pain points and how to use BIM to solve some of them

DGN and DWG Families to RFA

DGN and DWG Families to RFA